Coen Brothers The Complete Collection (Full Version)


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Jaartal: 2011
Uitgever: De Volkskrant
Taal: o.a. Engels
Staat: Goed
Staat detail: Rug iets flexibel verder prima net boek. Dvd's met lichte sporen. .
ISBN: 8710371000029

14 DVD set. De Volkskrant: Coen Brothers The Complete Collection include The Big Lebowski (1998) and the other 13 movies (who in 2011 released on that moment) directed by The Coen Brothers on dvd. If you only collect starters version with only The Big Lebowski (1998) use other submission. The Man Who Wasn’t There is the black&white version of the movie. 5 of the movies get 16 Classification. Text information about the movies is in Dutch. Minimal DD 5.1 or DD 2.0 and Dutch subs. Movies in this set are released by: Universal Pictures Benelux, Paramount Home Entertainment Benelux, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Benelux, Paradiso Home Entertainment or Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

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Afmetingen280 × 270 × 25 mm